A wonderful review from the Readers Favourite website

Reviewed by Janelle Fila for Readers' Favorite Endless Winter: Guardians of The Light Book 1 by J.A. Armitage is a young adult paranormal romance that drops readers into a dark and frightening world. When Anais is transported into this dark world, she doesn't realize how dramatically her life is about to change. But she gets an idea of this when she is locked in a room with no way out. As she struggles for freedom, she realizes that being in a locked room just might be the least of her problems. She never believed in vampires or demons. Why would she? But now, in this occult paranormal romance, she just might have to admit their existence. What do they want with her? And even though they are scary monsters, could the humans she encounters be the most vicious of all? Endless Winter is a unique story that takes place in a beautiful world. J.A. Armitage's writing is lyrical and almost poetic. Every character is described in painstaking detail, every scene is spelled out for the reader. Even mundane items like an alarm clock and a person's bedding are described and made into a special part of the story. There is danger in this story, which leads to action, so even though it is a romance it will appeal to readers who like action as well. And it is, above all, a fantasy tale, so readers of fantasy will be pleasantly surprised with this story.