The reviews are in!

Becoming Aethelu gives you a look at how this character became the woman she is today. Having read Eternal Winter I became intrigued by this young woman and wanted to know more about her, this novel was perfect to help answer all those unanswered questions. In all honesty I have never read a book with a homosexual aspect and found this really refreshing, it makes a change to have 2 strong females falling in love with one another.

Becoming Aethelu ( A Guardians of the Light series) captured my attention from the very beginning. The story of how this young girl began her journey from innocent child to become who she is made it so I am eager to go out and read the entire series.J.A. Armitage knows how to weave a tale and hold her audience captive.

Good read - fab author, loved all of her books I've read so far!