The Labyrinthians - Read the first chapter now!

I'm excited to announce the pre order of the first book in my new series The Labyrinthians.

When Kimberly's father loses his job and it looks like her whole family will be homeless, a mysterious old benefactor saves them by leaving his 'mansion' to them in his will. However, their new house, with it's history of spooky happenings and disappearances, is not all it seems. When Kim's little brother goes missing, it's up to Kim and her new friend, Nate, to find him. The problem is... When they do - who will find them? The first in a new YA series, The Labyrinthians begins a story of adventure and of terror and finding yourself when everything else seems lost.

Read the first chapter here

It's due for release on 10th April 2016

You can pre-order it here