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I've been taking part in a blog tour and I'd like to introduce you to Marilyn Vix, Author of Never Marry a Warlock.

Her rather naughty book series begins with the story of Catherine the witch and how she ends up on the road with a sexy stranger after catching her man in a less than desirable situation with her best friend. This sassy lady shows them both the true meaning of witch and leaves with style!

It's a great story that should have perhaps been called 'Never Cheat on a Witch!' because Catherine doesn't take it lying down (unlike her ex best friend!) A great start to a wonderful series.

You can buy it here

I had the opportunity to interview her this week about her series of books.

1) What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently revising my first novel, Everything For Love. I’ve been working on it for two years, and it’s my first full-length novel. Up to this point, I’ve written novellas and short stories. It’s a Time Travel Romance at 65K words. Deidre, the main character, is a timenaut studying artists in 20th century Paris and London. A mysterious man following her wants to unlock her heart. It takes the reader on an erotic sexual journey of love and conflict with your ideals. When do you go against the rules? I’ve been shopping it around and have some agents interested in the final manuscript that will be done in June this year.

2) Where do you like to write?

I love to write on my couch or spread out on my bed with YouTube playlists playing in the background. I often have specially mixed playlists for certain projects I’m working on. “Everything For Love” has it’s own playlist right now which includes a lot of Panic At The Disco and songs from Moulin Rouge.

3) I notice you sell audiobooks. Which was more fun to do, write or make the audiobook?

The audiobook is an edition of my Beware of Warlocks novella series. It’s a chance to listen to a fabulous narrator, Nastasia Lacayo, perform her heart out bringing my book to life. It was a pleasure to work with her. She said she was attracted to the project, because she enjoyed my books so much. Nastasia said the book was easy to record, the words flowing out as an easy to read narration. That’s the best compliment a writer can get. If my writing makes everyone’s job easier to bring my book to life, than I did my job right. I’d been talking to a TV producer too, but I haven’t heard back from him in like four months. Still crossing my finger with that too. You just never know. I’d love to see Never Marry A Warlock turned into a movie or TV series. It’s available at Amazon or

4) What inspired you to write paranormal romance?

I hadn’t liked romance when I was younger. I think that might have been because of the sweet romance and general romance style of the 80s. I read mostly fantasy and sci-fi when younger. But then, I started reading Indie books after 2000. I got into paranormal and vampire romance books from Indie writers like Monique Martin and Vivi Anna. They motivated me to read more, and I loved this romance subgenre. So much so, I started to write it.

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