The Bloody Mary Murders

Published today! ***FREE ON KU*** The Bloody Mary Murders: A Mystery with Bite! (Murder at The Bite Cafe Book 1) Murders, cocktails and a cat called Magic!... Emma doesn't know a Singapore Sling from a Long Island Iced Tea, so when she gets a frantic phone call from her meddling mother telling her that her sister is in hospital and that she is needed to take over the running of her sister's bar, she drops everything and goes back home to help. On her very first shift she meets the devilishly gorgeous Xander and realises that The Bite Café is not all it seems. The customers are all extremely thirsty and what's with all the Bloody Mary orders? When someone gets murdered right outside the bar, Emma is thrown into a mystery she has to solve before she loses all her customers. It doesn't help that her meddling mother thinks she is marrying her gay best friend and keeps dragging her into wedding dress shops. The Bloody Mary Murders is the first in the hilarious cosy murder mystery series set at The Bite Café.