Moving from the UK to Canada

Thousands of miles and no wifi!

There was once a girl who dreamed of blue skies and a better way of living...

Last year my family and I made the decision to up sticks and move to a country I'd never even visited before. It was a big decision but spurred by the bad weather (it rained a lot in Rochdale!) we booked one way tickets to a new country, a new continent and a new life, We sold pretty much everything we owned and set off into the unknown.

In Rochdale I lived in a five bedroom house which was full of all that stuff that you accumulate over the years. The box we were taking with us was just over a meter square. Have you ever tried fitting everything you own into a box that size? It wasn't easy. We all had to jump up and down on the lid a few times to get it to shut. Everything left was sold, given away or thrown away. I had all my friends around to the house and invited them to take whatever they wanted. In the end my beautiful house was empty. It was also sold leaving us with just our box and our suitcases. Luckily my children are quite small (no I didn't put them in the box) so I put some of my prettier dresses in their suitcases.

After a fun two days in London we flew to Calgary and then on to our end destination of Gladstone, Manitoba. Yes, I know you've never heard of it. No one has. That's what makes it so great. If you look it up on Google you'll see this happy fellow

Happy Rock

He's a glad stone gettit?

Gladstone is a rural community where the sky is always blue and the people always smile and wave. Perfect!

We've been here two weeks now and have fallen completely in love with the place. It's so friendly and they have a bakery that makes great cinnamon buns. What more could a girl want?

Two months ago my daily commute consisted of an hour and a half drive to work and one back every week day. Today I can wave the kids off to school (It's so safe here, they can walk to school themselves) and my commute is the walk from my bed to the kettle.

That's more hours for writing!

I've just published Seven of Clubs which will be my last ever book written in England. From now on, everything I write will be written under a Canadian sky. I just hope it stays as blue as it has in the last two weeks! For all of you who were waiting for it, you can get it now on Amazon.

Seven of Clubs was the hardest book to publish simply because I had no wifi and for some of the time, no computer. I had to resort to going to cafes with free wifi and eating lots of cake to get anything done - see how committed I am to my readers? I've put on a couple of pounds but at least it got released on the right day.

I'm currently working on a secret co-authoring project which I'll spill the beans on soon and I'll be starting Eight of Clubs shortly.

For now though - Happy reading from a girl who followed her dream

Love and Light